G. Hubert Cherry Bomb Elite Signature Snare by George "Spanky" McCurdy & Philly Drum Co. available now. Click here to purchase


-Handmade, Solid Cherry Stave Shell made from a single board of Pennsylvania Cherry Wood.  

-Incredible tone across the full tuning range due to the unique, handmade stave construction of the drum shell.  Stave drums are constructed differently than traditional ply drums, giving them an amazing tonal quality that can only be produced by a handmade shell.

-Designed in collaboration with George “Spanky” Mccurdy

-Each drum is unique, handmade, and autographed by Spanky himself.

-All brass hardware with premium die cast tube lugs

-Premium ‘INDE’ throw off and butt plate (Made in the USA)

-Brass Stick Saver Hoops for amazing tone, feel, and durability.

-Special Signature Evans UV2 Drum Heads with Spanky ‘G Hubert’ Logo

-Limited Quantity available (Please allow 2-3 weeks for drum to ship from Philly Drum Co.)

Cherry Bomb 'Elite'